Nomadia, Mutuo Centro de Arte, 16 x 4 m acrylic on wall, 2013
As a continuation of the idea of Travelling Museum of Nomadia, a temporary mural was painted in Mutuo, art center in Barcelona. Tents of various nomadic cultures next to refugee tents and protest camps shelters are levitating in between skyscrappers of imaginary city. As the orders of eviction, shrinking pastures and harsh social and political conditions have pushed the habitants of these tents to the periphery - in my artist imagination I gave them the vast space of all of us, the air above us. The mural of 16 x 4 m was complemented by informative panel with history of each tent and NOMADIA flag.
In addition to this project, Nomadia took part in non - traditional exhibition at Venice Lido beach in 2013. The exhibition organized by HudRada was a tribute to all kinds of temporary shelters, being related to Nomads, homeless, or Roma people.
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