Slov Motors  | traditional vowen carpets, 140 x 250 x 100 cm;
HD video, 6´29” | 2013
The work created in collaboration with Otília Kadašiová.
Slovakia passed through contradictory social and economical changes since early nighties. Slovena, the traditional carpet and textile producer, established in Žilina in 1891 did not survive the start of global capitalism and entry of the asian textile into the Slovak market. Few years later Korean automobile company Kia Motors become an economic stimulus of the region. Slovakia is one of dominant European nations in production of automobiles per capita even though none of the car companies has a Slovak owner. Parallel to these economic changes, in the villages surrounding the car company the traditional Slovak art and craft survives and revives. The work replaces the production of closed Slovena factory by fictious model of new Slovak vehicle – a flying carpet under the brand Slov motors. The model was created in cooperation with a veawer Otilia Kadasiova from Strecno village next to Žilina. It was mostly created from
the rests of textile tissue, that Ms. Kadašiová got from the storage in Slovena factory. read more...