cluster bomb/popcorn stand during the campaign of
Amnesty in front of presidential palace in Bratislava 
Slovakia is one of four countries of Europe that did not sign an international treaty about banning cluster munition. Although cluster bombs are generally considered non-humane, causing uncontrolled harm to humans and often used in densely populated areas, many countries keep using them, producing, storing and selling them around a world. For 2013 campaign of amnesty international I designed a stand inspired by those at military, gun shows. The banners said "cluster bombs for sale", instead of bombs the volunteers from Amnesty offered flyers and popcorn. The cracking of popcorn was often used to describe the sound of cluster bombs by their victims and is also a slang term used for cluster munition by US soldiers (USA is one of the countries with highest use and production of these bombs).Unfortunately for the premiere of the stand at presidential palace the selling of popcorn wasn't allowed for legal reasons. The part of the campaign was an animated video showing an attack of popcorn on center of Bratislava. The campaign of Amnesty in Slovakia was finally succesfull and the prime minister signed the treaty prohibiting a cluster munition.