Instrument for Listening | 240 x 240 x 350 cm | wood,
plywood, acry
lic paint, sound system | Dallas, USA | 2013
Historically, the megaphone has been a tool for people to express their opinions, their wishes and their needs. Instrument for Listening is inspired by this function, but focuses on people who are on both sides of this tool – the ones listening, as well as the ones who are speaking. The project consists of three main phases: building a sculptural form, which serves as tabula rasa, a space for expression; working with teenagers from the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff to create a pattern that reflects their life and the life of Hispanic community in their neighborhood; and interviewing community members, including dancers, artists, journalists, mothers, teachers, musicians, and business owners, to capture stories, opinions and dreams in the most objective, documentary way. The fourth, symbolic phase of the project is directed towards the listener who can hear the stories through incorporated audio system.
Instrument for Listening is a part of Make Art with Purpose - MAP 2013, in Dallas, USA.